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Ο Σταυρός απέχει 65 χλμ. από την πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης και 88 χλμ. από την Καβάλα.

Βρίσκεται στην αρχή της χερσονήσου της Χαλκιδικής, στο βόρειο-ανατολικό τμήμα της.

Συνδέεται με ΚΤΕΛ, πληροφορίες στο τηλέφωνο 2310 536260 ΚΤΕΛ Σταυρός-Λαγκαδάς. Με το δικό σας αυτοκίνητο η διαδρομή διαρκεί περίπου 50 λεπτά.

Η διασκέδαση της περιοχής καλύπτει όλες τις ανάγκες του επισκέπτη. Γραφικά ταβερνάκια στο κύμα, εστιατόρια ευρωπαϊκής κουζίνας με υπερσύγχρονη διακόσμηση, καφέ-bar, club για χορό μέχρι τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες.

Σταυρός Θεσσαλονίκης


Stavros is a small town in the eastern part of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and is the seat of the Municipality of Volvi.
It is located next to the birthplace of the ancient philosopher Aristotle, ancient Stagira. In Stagira there is a visiting archaeological site. In addition, Stavros is a pleasant intermediate station on the way to the monasteries of Mount Athos. You can visit Mount Athos with the excursions organized daily.
It is 78 km away from Macedonia Airport and 74 km from the city of Thessaloniki.
It is connected to Thessaloniki, Serres and Olympiada with Public Bus Services, while daily excursions are organized on the islet of Olympiada.
There are pleanty of nearby destinations to visit such as Kavala at 88 km, Olympiada at 13 km, Mount Athos at 63 km, and the island of Ammouliani at 55 km.
The area meets the tastes and needs of all visitors as it combines calm landscapes for relaxation and coolness, such as the green plane trees of Stavros, with a range of dining and entertainment venues (taverns, restaurants, beach bars, clubs).
Also there are organized beaches, where you can enjoy, besides swimming, many water sports, as well as fishing and diving.

Welcome to Stavros!

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